Case study – Sarah’s story

Case study – Sarah’s story

Sarah’s story

About 4 yrs ago, I looked into Fostering and thought I’d do well with the older teens, especially as I don’t drive and wouldn’t be able to complete the school runs for younger children.

We started fostering 16-21 year olds, including teenage parents. Being able to get to know the teens and help them become self sufficient and able to cope on their own later on was hugely rewarding. I have formed some very strong relations with some of the young people that have stayed with me and I am still in touch with several of them.

Whilst I never saw any potential barriers to my becoming a supported accommodation provider I wasn’t sure I would be able to do so, even though my own kids were very supportive. It was only when I met with Neil and it was explained to me what was required that I then felt I had the necessary skills to fulfil the role

The assessment process itself took about 6 months. Neil visited me several times to gather all the information to complete my assessment and all the checks. We then went to the fostering panel, where I was approved to be a Supported Lodgings carer. During the process I was supported throughout by the Poole team.

I would recommend supported lodgings fostering to anyone. Just take each teen as they come, and you do get more good days than bad. Use the support that’s available; you are not on your own but part of a wider team all working together to help the young person work towards independence.