Case study – Mr & Mrs Taylor’s story

Case study – Mr & Mrs Taylor’s story

Mr & Mrs Taylor’s story

Our first year has been crazy!!! We started off with respite a few weeks after panel. This was a nice introduction. We had 4 children over a period of 6 weeks before we got our first short term placement.

The support we received was fantastic from the social workers and having the respite was very interesting, the different needs of each child and how it affects your family in a positive way.

When our first placement came to us we were not fully prepared for what we were taking on! It’s quite a culture shock! You are bombarded with meetings, social workers and paper work but it’s all so necessary as you quickly learn so much about the child and their birth family which enables you to meet the child’s needs.

The support that was given by the child’s social worker and our family support worker was outstanding, we couldn’t have done it without that support!

Keeping your own records and reflecting daily I personally found really important and it enables you to see the difference your making to that child’s life.

I’ve personally learnt so much about attachment, how incredibly important it is for children to have a positive attachment and that’s where our work with the child is so paramount to their life.

It’s incredible how many people/services are involved with one child in care, but every person/service has such an important role to play in making sure the child’s needs are met and the right outcome for that child’s future.

This whole year has been incredible and I have learnt so much about fostering and all the processes involved. Being a positive part of a child’s life no matter how long the time frame, is just the most amazing experience and as a family we are so pleased to be doing this work and helping children who are in need of our care.